21. 2. 2009

The Other Half of The Equation: with Virginia Valentine

London in Prague is extremely pleased to welcome Virginia Valentine to Prague! Virginia Valentine pioneered the use of semiotics in UK market research. She is a fellow of the Market Research Society a multi-award winner and speaker at conferences worldwide. Virginia will lead us through a one day workshop on semiotics (19th of March 2009)

Consumer research explores and uncovers consumer insights: beliefs, feelings, needstates, brand relationships. But that is only half the story. Semiotics delivers the other half of the equation: essential insights about the cultural forces that drive these deep feelings – and how they are communicated through marketing messages. Perfect Crowd’s Semiotic Workshop shows you how the cultural other half works. How you can access the power of semiotics to decode brand messages - and then recode them in line with key cultural changes and consumer drives  

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN (the Agenda)

The 6 fundamental Techniques of semiotic analysis

    • sign decoding)
    • context interrogation
    • metaphor mining
    • code evolution tracking
    • narrative analysis
    • myth-making  

  • The ‘hidden image’ of the consumer’
  • Buried myths that connect with deep unconscious beliefs
  • New emergent codes just coming over the future horizon  

WHEN? 19th of March 2009

WHERE? Long Tale Café, Osadní 35 www.longtalecafe.cz

HOW TO REGISTER? Write to info@londynvpraze.cz