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Consumer Culture / between aesthetics, social distinction and ecological activism

Consumer Culture

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Consumer Culture: between aesthetics, social distinction and ecological activism

October 7-9, 2010

Art Centre of Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic the theory of consumer culture has not been discussed adequately and systematically on the academic level. Consumer culture has been researched mainly in the commercial sector which has focused on problems related to the successful sale of products or services. The aim of this international conference is to examine and outline the main problems and topics concerning the complex and controversial phenomenon of consumer culture. The thematic framework of the conference will include not only inquiry into the symbolic dimension of consumer culture, its aesthetic aspects and its impact on individual lifestyles, but also the broader social context of production and reception of consumer culture and its social, economic and environmental consequences.

The conference will be an open meeting of Europe’s leading experts with diverse disciplinary background (sociology, philosophy, psychology, cultural anthropology, ecology, economics, cultural studies, media studies, art history, aesthetics, communication studies, etc.) and representatives from the business world who are involved in production, innovation or research of consumer culture, as well as students and others who are interested in these issues and want to share their thoughts and insights. The conference intends to initiate a dialogue and to facilitate the transfer of current knowledge between the academic (social sciences and humanities) and the application sphere. The additional intention of the conference is to support the concept of science as an open critical discourse, as well as the creation of a counterbalance to the so called shadow science (i.e. the privatization of knowledge of consumer culture and society within the commercial sector).

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