25. 4. 2010

John Griffiths Show - ResearchTalk

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Episode 3: Not even the volcanic ash could delay this episode, a clientside special in which two former senior clientside insights folks dish the dirt on agencies (well, sort of!).

We’re pleased to welcome Lisa Ohlin who recently headed up the global insights function at Cadbury, famous for its Gorilla campaign. A campaign that, interestingly, tested poorly in research but was greenlit nonetheless (something we discuss).

And then there’s Jaroslav Cir, a former key insights player in the Rexona (deodorants) division of Unilever. He became well known for favouring non-traditional methods and approaches, and the agencies that espoused them. Techniques such as semiotics, crowd sourcing and co-creation. He recently left the UK for his native Czech Republic, opening a research agency in a Prague cafe.

We chat about…

  • Agency biz dev approaches they liked/didn’t like.
  • Why larger agencies are a turn-off.
  • Whether their views have changed in the switch to agency-side.
  • Allowing new suppliers not already onto the supplier long list.
  • Why Cadbury allowed the Gorilla ad. to run against negative research feedback.
  • What research needs to be to support both emotional (intuition) and rational (hard data) decision-making.
  • Whether FMCG companies are getting more comfortable with social media – the Wispa example.
  • Activating research clientside – the Bournvita battle plan.
  • Getting clients away from their desks and in front of people (consumers) – focus groups in a cafe.

Groove on.

 1 minute TEASER [1:19m]: Hide Player | Kevin Macleod.

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